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Kelly: Ives must cancel Thursday's speech by #MeToo Denier Dan Proft

Chicago, IL  - William J. Kelly, an independent candidate for Governor against Bruce Rauner, has issued the following statement about Republican Jeanne Ives' Thursday night fundraiser:
Rep. Jeanne Ives likes to say she will not "lie, cheat or steal or tolerate those who do" and, as a conservative, I've lived by those same principles. These principles are the reason why I opposed Bruce Rauner from the beginning. It is also why I spoke out against his sanctuary state and abortion legislation before he signed those controversial bills - not months after. This is permanent damage that cannot be undone. 
I'm also heartened to see Rep. Jeanne Ives stand up for victims of sexual harassment in Speaker Madigan's office, as she did in a press release, but she must do much more to prove she is sincere and the time to do that is right now.
Rep. Ives is having a fundraiser Thursday night and Dan Proft, a well-paid Rauner crony, is her speaker. How can she say she's concerned about #MeToo while ignoring Proft's history of attacking the victims of Cicero president Larry Dominick?
Proft has publicly mocked a female police officer and other women who brought sexual harassment charges against Dominick. Proft's own words were these: "Miss Lujano wanted to be made a full-time police officer. This just shows the length of what people will go to [sexual harassment charges] when they don't get what they want." Cicero paid out a $675,000 and a $500,000 settlement to Dominick's victims, including Lujano, and many claimed they were threatened, blackmailed, groped, assaulted, and harassed.
If Ives believes Madigan should step down over the conduct of his aide, then she must immediately cancel Proft's speech at her Thursday event - just as she cancelled Bill Whittle at her February 1st event. 
Ives says in her ads that Rauner has "betrayed Republicans" but Republicans who took millions of dollars from Rauner also betrayed us. They lie, cheat, and steal and Ives should have no tolerance for them. If Jeanne Ives is serious about what she says and I hope she is, she must publicly denounce the people who enabled Bruce Rauner and that means Dan Proft too.

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