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Saturday, April 21, 2018 1:27 PM

Kelly: I stepped aside aside for Ives but I’m not stepping aside for Rauner


William J. Kelly has issued the following statement: 

I stepped out of the Republican primary to give Ives a clear shot at Governor Bruce Rauner with the full intention that I would run as independent if she failed. I’ve been Rauner’s loudest critic since he first announced his campaign in 2013 and I certainly don’t intend to stop now. I’m back on the campaign trail.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018 3:03 PM

Kelly: Busting the caps hurts Rahm, helps his challengers

William J. Kelly has issued a statement in response to today's news about the caps being lifted in the Chicago mayor's race and inaccurate statements being made about his $100K contribution in 2014:

I’m proud of mayoral candidate Willie Wilson for busting the caps in the upcoming Chicago mayoral race to defeat Rahm Emanuel – just as I did in 2014.

Never have I seen the Chicago media react so violently to a candidate’s contribution as they did in my campaign and misreport the impact. Other than Chicago Reader reporter Ben Joravsky, who has called me the unlikely hero of the 2015 mayoral race, I have yet to see the Illinois media express outrage at Rahm Emanuel’s use of bundled contributions or contributions he reportedly received from executives who manage Chicago’s pension funds or J.B. Pritzker or Governor Bruce Rauner’s self-funding of their own campaigns in the millions of dollars.

Here’s the real reason for the media’s hysteria over my contribution: They are furious that an outsider reformer put a monkey wrench in this dirty insider political system — a system that enables insiders to routinely flout the law. The Chicago media wrongly assumed Emanuel and his $10 million war chest had the 2015 mayoral race in the bag. But, with the caps off, the mayor’s opponents had the chance to raise unlimited donations and that’s not what Rahm wanted. $100K is nothing to Rahm and he could have busted the caps himself but he didn’t. With Rahm's poor 35 percent approval rating, Commissioner Jesus “Chuy” Garcia didn’t have to match him dollar for dollar to win. Thanks to yours truly, Garcia raised more than enough to force Rahm Emanuel into a historic runoff election. 

I hope Rahm’s 2019 challengers will now have that same opportunity. Why? Because Rahm deserves a runoff and he deserves to lose.

The truth is the Chicago media want Rahm Emanuel to win and they don't want his challengers to raise any money. It was true in 2015 and it's true now. 

Saturday, March 31, 2018 12:12 PM

Kelly: Tiffany Thrasher was murdered one year ago on Easter Sunday


This is the one year anniversary of the Easter rape and murder of Tiffany Thrasher. I stepped aside for Jeanne Ives because I believed she would speak for Tiffany. Obviously, I was wrong. This week, I will be making an announcement regarding my independent campaign for Governor and, yes, there will be justice for Tiffany. 

Monday, March 19, 2018 3:22 PM

Citizen Kelly Breaks Silence on Il Gov's Race, Replaces Beck


Chicago, Illinois -  On the heels on the March 20th primary in Illinois, Citizen Kelly is back on the air at AM 1590 WCGO and, this time, he's not holding back on the Illinois Governor's race.  The Citizen Kelly Show airs on AM 1590 WCGO weekdays from 10 pm to midnight beginning Monday, March 19th.

"I stepped aside for Jeanne Ives to give her a clear shot at Bruce Rauner in the Republican primary with the intention that I would run as an independent in the General Election. I've kept quiet about the race until now but I cannot be quiet any longer." 

Citizen Kelly, who supported Donald Trump in the Republican presidential primary, will replace Glenn Beck, a host who did everything he could to derail Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign. Is this payback? 
William J. Kelly is an Emmy award-winning producer, media strategist, and commentator. Kelly began his career as a promotions coordinator at WLUP-FM, which signed off after 40 years of classic rock last week. He is the founder of RevDigital, an award-winning TV and new media production company based in Chicago. Kelly is a frequent contributor to the Daily Caller, Newsmax, and the Washington Times. For more information about the Citizen Kelly Show visit

Tuesday, December 26, 2017 6:13 AM

Kelly Responds to Chicago Reader's Attack on Mount Greenwood

In a vile, mean-spirited ode to the holiday season, Chicago Reader has attacked an entire neighborhood in its piece, “Mount Greenwood is Chicago’s Upside Down.” According to the Reader’s editor, Jake Malooley, Mount Greenwood is the lowest of the low. The worst of 246 neighborhoods in Chicago.

Chicago’s worst neighborhood, claims Malooley, is the one that is least representative of the city—demographically, politically, culturally," and that means Mount Greenwood - home to thousands of Chicago police and firefighters. 

Let’s read between the lines: When the Chicago Reader says Mount Greenwood’s “cultural differences” are "upside down" – it means the neighborhood’s mostly Irish, German, and Polish heritage and traditions. It means if you respect law and order, as the residents of Mount Greenwood do, you must be bad and you must be erased, eliminated.

When Chicago Reader condemns Mount Greenwood’s “political differences,” it means if you voted for Donald Trump in 2016 or if you have ever voted Republican, you should be exiled from the City of Chicago, annexed by a neighboring suburb – if the staff of the Chicago Reader has anything to say about it.

What an oddly intolerant, bigoted article from the "open-minded" Chicago Reader.  It's an attack on a neighborhood of Chicago police, firefighters and their families. 


I know the 19th ward.

I was brought home as a baby on St. Patrick's Day to my family home in the 19th ward.

I know the people who live and raise their families there. They aren’t just good people – they are great people.  When you call 911, most of the time it’s Mount Greenwood-residing police officers or firefighters that come to your rescue.

It’s time for Chicago Reader to get its priorities straight. Since he was elected, Mayor Rahm Emanuel has done little to nothing to stop the bloodshed in Chicago’s neighborhoods. It’s worse than ever: citywide, Chicago has topped 669 homicides again this year...

Read the rest of the article at Chicago Now. 

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